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Composite Envisions - New distributor in Wisconsin.

April 2015

Composite Envisions Logo We are proud to announce that Composite Envisions has started to distribute the product range of German Advanced Composites.

Dynamic Composite Solutions - New distributor in Alaska.

March 2015

DCS Logo We are proud to announce that we could win over DCS Dynamic Composite Solutions Composites as distribution partner. DCS is an Alaskan company seeking to further the role of composites in the technological solutions specific to the Alaskan environment. Whether they are designing, prototyping and helping to implement new technologies, training workforces and consulting how to increase productivity through existing shop spaces, or bringing new materials into the composites work place, DCS strives to bring the best solutions to their clients in their pursuit of breakthrough technologies.

ACP Composites - New distributor on the West Coast.

February 2015

ACP Logo We are proud to announce that ACP Composites has started to sell the MTI products. Headquartered on the West Coast of the USA ACP Composites is a pioneer in composite technology, and they have been providing innovative solutions to their customers since 1985. ACP`s staff has a wide range of application knowledge and experience in materials, fabrication methods, and systems for combining composites with other materials. In addition to their custom composite manufacturing, ACP also sells a wide range of stock products, including ready-to-use plate, tube, and sheet composite materials. They also offer composite reinforcement fabrics, epoxy resins, vacuum infusion systems and composite fabrication supplies.

North American Composites starts selling the MTI product range

December 2014

NAC Logo We are proud to announce that ACP Composites has started to sell the MTI products. North American Composites (NAC) is a national distributor of composite raw materials and equipment from leading suppliers to the composites industry. NAC provides its customers with local service through its distribution centers in the U.S. and Canada. NAC`s warehouses maintain inventories of all materials necessary for composites manufacturing: resins, gel coats, fiberglass, initiators, adhesives, cores, putties, and other composites materials.

Offshore Racing World Champions are crowned, Team Miss Geico wins its 8th World Championship

November 2014

Miss Geico World Champion 2014 German Advanced Composites congratulates the great Miss Geico team for the win of its 8th World Championship title. We are proud to support this great team with the production of high-quality carbon fiber components. See a short video clip with the flying Miss Geico.

Key West, Fla. – (November 9th, 2014) – Team Miss Geico 8th. Time World Champion.

The story behind German Advanced Composites in JEC 92

October 2014

JEC #92 - Article about German Advanced Composites JEC magazine # 92 - Read how everything started with selfmade carbon fiber parts for a custom motorcycle build in a garage in the midwest of Germany.

Upcoming events - CAMX 2014 in Orlando, Booth 4263

September 2014

CAMX 2014 Orlando Come see us at CAMX, October 13th to 16th, Booth#4263

Advanced Composite Infusion Workshops at EAA Airventure Oshkosh presented by Russel Emanis

July 10th 2014

EAA Airventure Oshkosh Don`t miss Russel Emanis demonstrating his cutting edge ProFusion™  infusion equipment along with the MTI® hose and Squeezee® in different workshops on July 28th, Advanced Composites Infusion and Infusion Q and A and on July 30th, Advanced Composites Infusion and Composite Demo.”

CompositesWorld about the new developed MTI® Valve

June 2014

CompositesWorld Logo "Press release in CompositesWorld - Interview with German Advanced Composites`CEO explaining the physics behind MTI® (Membrane Tube Infusion) and the new MTI® Valve.” Read more....

Semipermeables: Next trend in infusion?

February 2014

Cover Composites Technology Februar issue of COMPOSITES TECHNOLOGY
"Semipermeable membrane technology is already having a practical impact: The Miss Geico world champion offshore racing team began testing Membrane Tube Infusion (MTI) hose. The boats are powered by twin 3,500-hp engines that weigh 1,500 lb each. Capable of 200 mph in flat seas, they frequently face 4-ft waves, enduring continuous 4G to 12G impact loads. There was, therefore, a lot of risk riding on the decision. "So we tested the MTI hose and infusion thoroughly,” says Gary Stray, the crew chief “making a ton of test panels and analyzing pure material specimens for properties.” Read more....

Offshore Racing World Champions are crowned, Team Miss Geico wins Superboat Unlimited

November 2013

MissGeico Racing Boat German Advanced Composites congratulates its partner for the successful racing season.

Key West, Fla. – (November 13, 2013) – Team Miss Geico won first overall and was crowned Unlimited World Champion.

ABARIS Training Resources Inc. "Road Tested" MTI® hose

November 2013

ABARIS Logo Jay Carpenter, one of the instructors for Abaris’ courses on Resin Infusion, has “road tested” the material to see how it actually performs. Read more....

JEC Americas invites German Advanced Composites to speak about MTI®

August 2013

Juergen Schildgen, CEO of German Advanced Composites has been invited to speak about MTI® at the JEC trade show in Boston. The audience will learn how wind rotor blade manufacturers can benefit from using the micro-porous MTI® technology. Mr. Schildgen will also reveal how the famous MissGeico offshore racing team is using the MTI® technology to produce a superior next generation boat, as it aims to win another world championship. The presentation will be held in the "Productivity and Robotization" conference on October 2nd at 10:30 AM until 1:30 PM.

New Shop launched in the USA

August 2013

We are proud to announce the MTI® hose, winner of the 2013 ACMA Manufacturing: Equipment and Tooling Innovation Award, is now available in the USA and Canada through our new eCommerce platform and distribution center in Vero Beach, Florida, USA.

Partnership with Six Time World Champion - Miss Geico Racing Team employs MTI® hose

April 2013

In March 2013, Juergen Schildgen (German Advanced Composites) and Dominik Dierkes (DD-Compound) visited the Miss Geico Racing Team in Palm Beach, Florida. The power boat is powered by twin 1650 horsepower engines that weigh 1500 pounds each, racing at 200 mph in flat sea conditions, but also frequently in 4-feet waves, seeing 4g to 12g impact loads continuously. This is probably one of the hardest working environments for a composite structure making safety demands extremely important. After demonstrating the advantages of the MTI® process in comparison to the standard Vacuum Infusion and Vacuum Bagging process we were able to win over the Crew Chief and his team with ease; revolutionizing their processes.

Gary Stray, Crew Chief Miss Geico Racing Team “The MTI® hose has revolutionized the way the Miss Geico Team produces parts for our extreme offshore powerboat. The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of Juergen and Dominik has been invaluable. Miss Geico has produced parts faster, more cost effective and on a par with an autoclaved system. This product is ground-breaking and I would recommend it to anyone manufacturing carbon fibre products”.

Gary J. Stray

Crew Chief - Miss Geico Race Team

We exhibit at SAMPE 2013

February 2013

Successful Product Launch - MTI® wins Innovation Award 2013

February 2013

MTI® Goes American

November 2012