Vacuum Resin Infusion Supplies and Tools

German Advanced Composites develops and provides innovative vacuum resin infusion supplies and tools that have proven to streamline the manufacturing process of high quality composites products


Vacuum Resin Infusion Suction Hose – MTI®-hose

honoured with innovation award



Vacuum Resin Infusion Control Valve – MTI®-valve

perfects the MTI® process



Line Clamp for Vacuum Resin Infusion

regulation of volume flow



Digital Vacuum Absolute Pressure Gauge – GDH 200-14

Digital Pressure Gauge


MTI® Process

MTI® (Membrane Tube Infusion) is a registered trademark and describes a cutting-edge composite production method, developed by German engineers to optimize and streamline the Vacuum Infusion Process. The MTI® hose is based on a semipermeable membrane sleeve which supports air and gases to be drawn out of the bagged system while ensuring that the infused matrix material stays inside the laminate.

MTI Process (Membrane Tube Infusion)

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