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Vacuum Resin Infusion Experts

Vacuum Resin Infusion Experts- Juergen Schildgen -

Juergen Schildgen

Vacuum Resin Infusion – MTI®-PROCESS
Learn all about its features, advantages and benefits.

benefit from the great market potential

Headquartered in the USA, German Advanced Composites is recognized for its expertise aiding customers to streamline composite production processes. World Champion Racing teams benefit from our hands-on on-site training courses, project support and materials for the Vacuum Infusion Process that makes the difference between a good and a world class business. You can too.

We are vacuum resin infusion experts and know that each company and situation is unique and that completing the design on paper or in the computer is only one step in the process of getting products to market. Efficient manufacturing must be utilized to maintain a competitive edge. We help our business partners to reach their full potential. We do that by providing not only innovative, “Made in Germany” production aids but also customized on-site solutions for specific composites projects or staff training based on state of the art composite manufacturing methods.

We are also seeking partnerships with U.S. and Canadian distributors. Let our proven experience work for you.

Juergen Schildgen

President and CEO
German Advanced Composites Inc.

References as Vacuum Resin Infusion Experts

Miss Geico Racing Team – World Champion in Offshore Racing

“The MTI® process has revolutionized the way the Miss GEICO Team produces parts for our extreme offshore powerboat. The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of Juergen Schildgen, CEO and President of German Advanced Composites is invaluable. Miss GEICO is now able to produce parts faster, more cost effective and on a par with an autoclaved

JHM Technologies

“Having now worked with the MTI® hose in repeated molding cycles, I can say that the MTI® technology brings a totally new level to "out of the Autoclave" molding quality in terms of void free laminates. MTI® hose creates an absolute barrier between the resin hydraulic pressure and the low atmospheric pressure of the vent


“We used the MTI® hose to make several large parts for an important automotive customer. Using otherwise standard infusion equipment, the MTI® process allowed us to achieve a much higher laminate quality than we’d seen with standard VIP. We produced carbon fiber-epoxy parts that had excellent consolidation, zero voids and very high surface quality.” Cedric

ABARIS “Road Tests” New MTI® Hose for Infusion

Jay Carpenter, one of the instructors for Abaris’ courses on Resin Infusion, has “road tested” the material to see how it actually performs. “I was very pleased. When you use other styles of break zones (e.g. peel ply wrapped vac line) they will eventually wet out and you will start drawing resin out of the


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