On-Site Training on Vacuum Resin Infusion Process

Completing the design on paper or in the computer is only one step in the process of getting products to market. Efficient manufacturing must be utilized to maintain a competitive edge. We developed solutions for the pitfalls that most often affect the production process and brought the latest German composites technology into the USA. Today World Champion teams rely on our hands-on on-site training courses, project support and materials for the Vacuum Resin Infusion Process that makes the difference between a good and a world class business. You can too!

Our world-wide on-site services provides:

  • Inhouse seminars and training courses
  • Process development and implementation

Voice of the Customer

Miss Geico Racing Team – World Champion in Offshore Racing

“The MTI® process has revolutionized the way the Miss GEICO Team produces parts for our extreme offshore powerboat. The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of Juergen Schildgen, CEO and President of German Advanced Composites is invaluable. Miss GEICO is now able to produce parts faster, more cost effective and on a par with an autoclaved

JHM Technologies

“Having now worked with the MTI® hose in repeated molding cycles, I can say that the MTI® technology brings a totally new level to "out of the Autoclave" molding quality in terms of void free laminates. MTI® hose creates an absolute barrier between the resin hydraulic pressure and the low atmospheric pressure of the vent


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