Digital Vacuum Absolute Pressure Gauges

Benefits of Digital Vacuum Gauges

Performance Indicator – The only way to measure the pressure value in which a high quality vacuum resin infusion process takes place
Indicates without delay and with a resolution of 1 mbar(or 0.02953 inHG) if a leak has been found. Thus it saves time with the setup of a perfect vacuum resin infusion process
Enables a performance check of the vacuum pump

Digital Absolute Pressure Gauge vs. Dial Type Vacuum Gauge

An absolute pressure gauge measures the actual pressure above the absolute zero (or perfect vacuum) of pressure in the closed mold system. Whereas a conventional dial type vacuum gauge measures the pressure differential below the atmospheric pressure surrounding the gauge.

The latter varies widely with changes in weather conditions and altitude of the measuring point. We find this type of gauge typically mounted on resin catch pots or vacuum pumps.

There are good reasons why resin infusion experts rely on an absolute vacuum pressure gauge when it comes to setting up and monitor a high-quality vacuum resin infusion process. One is that using the absolute zero of pressure as a reference provides far more accurate measurements of vacuum levels. It is a fixed point of reference and uninfluenced by environmental factors. Simply speaking the absolute pressure gauge is an indicator for the amount of air remaining in the closed system. And we know that the less air the better the achieved quality of the produced composite product.

Digital Vacuum Gauge Ensures Accuracy

A high-quality vacuum resin infusion process or prepreg work usually takes place in the 2mbar to 20mbar range of absolute in-bag pressure. In order to confirm that a bag has been evacuated to this degree of vacuum, the gauge used needs to be accurate in this region. This is practically impossible for conventional dial type gauges. Because it will experience inaccuracies of at least ±55 mbar due to changing environmental conditions and the imprecise mechanism within the gauge. The scale division is also not appropriate for that purpose. It is obvious that such a vacuum gauge is not suitable for measuring an in-bag vacuum below 20 mbar.

G1114 vs. Vac Checker

In countless projects we have gained excellent experiences with the digital vacuum absolute pressure gauge G1114 and Vac Checker . The G1114 is preferably used by technicians because of its handy and lightweight (137gr.) design. The Vac Checker offers a more robust and heavy duty design which makes it a perfect companion for workers in rough workshop conditions.