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Developed by German engineers to overhaul the efficiency of the vacuum infusion process, the MTI® hose is permeable to gas but impermeable to resin, resulting in a reduction in material, post treatment labor and other related expenses.

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Vacuum Resin Infusion Suction Hose – MTI®-hose

Vacuum resin infusion hose – MTI® hose

The vacuum resin infusion hose – MTI® hose (Membrane Tube Infusion) is a cutting edge production aide developed to enhance the productivity, reliability and quality of industrial composite manufacturing processes utilizing the resin infusion technology. It completely replaces the sometimes complex as well as time and money consuming standard vacuum port system setup. The MTI® hose is based on a semipermeable membrane sleeve which supports air and gases to be drawn out of the bagged system while ensuring that the infused matrix material stays inside the laminate. This technology offers a decisive impact on:


  • The fast and simple vacuum system setup reduces labor and material costs and provides the possibility to cut cycle time particularly with the serial production of larger products such as wind turbine blades or hulls.


  • The membrane technology reliably prevents that resin is drawn out of the laminate so that the calculated fiber to volume ratio can be realized precisely.
  • The closed hydraulic system makes it easy to adjust the compaction of the laminate from the resin inlet side only.


  • The membrane system is self-regulating in terms of resin flow which leaves less room for failure. There is no complex timing of clamping and opening different vacuum ports.
  • A resin catch container is no longer necessary which enhances the process safety, reduces resin consumption as well as it saves time and money for the preparation of the container and disposal of wasted resin.


  • The MTI® hose is extremely easy to work with. It is flexible and pliable so it can be routed along the profile of very complex parts.

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The MTI® hose is a winner of the ACMA Manufacturing: Equipment and Tooling Innovation Award. This product was developed by German engineers to overhaul the efficiency, quality as well as reliability and overall costs of the vacuum infusion process.

“It`s not magic, just applied physics!” The MTI® hose is an air-permeable and resin-blocking line for the evacuation of air in the vacuum infusion process. It consists of a high-tech membrane hose with integrated spiral wrap and impresses with its ease of use. Particularly in serial productions such as the manufacturing process of wind turbine blades the considerable process simplification offers a decisive contribution to cut cycle time. By utilising the MTI® hose, even less experienced users will succeed in the production of complex parts with superior laminate quality, free of voids, saving post treatment labor and other related expenses. The self-regulating MTI® process significantly increases process safety by minimizing air bubble impact and the risk of getting dry-spots. Due to the closed hydraulic system exact resin consumption can be calculated and a resin catch pot is no longer necessary. By using other styles of break zones (e.g. peel ply wrapped vac line) they will eventually wet out and resin will be drawn out of the laminate causing the development of pinholes. The MTI® hose works as reliable resin barrier so that even with a long, slow-curing resin system, there is no bleeding out of the laminate. This smart product can be used for any part size and any degree of complexity, from small trim parts up to wind turbine rotor blades with only one connection point to the vacuum pump and without worrying about the size of the mould flange.

“Autoclave performance without an autoclave” – The MTI® process is also often a cost-effective alternative to the production of components in an autoclave without having to sacrifice part quality.

If your business relies on composite production, the MTI® hose is a must have asset.

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15 ft, 30ft, 75 ft, 150 ft, 300 ft

2 reviews for Vacuum Resin Infusion Hose – MTI® hose

  1. Steve

    Really good quality, thank you!

  2. Harold Richard (verified owner)

    I have used several hundred feet now for resin infusion on my sailboats. This is the only way to go.

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