Vacuum Resin Infusion Line Clamp

Vacuum Resin Infusion Line Clamp SQUEEZEE® and SQUEEZER®

The vacuum resin infusion line clamp SQUEEZEE® and SQUEEZER® are made for tube related operations such as regulation of the resin flow rate and clamping. The saddle valve like design provides an easy handling and works on any tubing used within vacuum resin infusion and similar processes. Further improved in terms of process safety the clamps have proven their functionality to composite experts all over the world. Stainless steel and  milled aluminum parts determine the high-quality material standard.

SQUEEZEE® handles hoses with a diameter up to 0.6inch.

SQUEEZER® works with hoses up to 1inch.


Benefits of our clamps

Lifelong warranty
Precise adjustment of flow rate
Saddle valve design for easy handling
Ideal for all types of tubing
Enhanced process safety
Designed for daily use within rough shop conditions
2 Versions available:

SQUEEZEE® for outer diameters up to 0.6inch
SQUEEZER® for outer diameters up to 1inch