“Having now worked with the MTI® hose in repeated molding cycles, I can say that the MTI® technology brings a totally new level to “out of the Autoclave” molding quality in terms of void free laminates. MTI® hose creates an absolute barrier between the resin hydraulic pressure and the low atmospheric pressure of the vent tube, even after the resin reaches the MTI® hose, thus allowing the perfect environment to create void free laminates. Our introduction to MTI® was through Mr. Juergen Schildgen, President of German Advanced Composites who is the North American exclusive importer of this exciting new technology. Mr. Schildgen brings an extremely knowledgeable “hands on” level of skill to the various Vacuum Infusion molding methods. JHM Technologies, would highly recommend both the MTI® hose as a product, and Juergen Schildgen as a source of technical support.”

John Moore | President | JHM Technologies