Vacuum Resin Infusion Control Valve – MTI®-valve

The patented MTI® valve was developed in order to continue perfecting the vacuum resin infusion process. In combination with the MTI® hose it represents a cost effective system for the production of high-quality composites products.

Benefits of the MTI® valve:

  • Standardization and further simplification of the infusion process
  • Less room for failures with setting up the process
  • Enhanced process reliability
  • Optimal fiber volume fraction
  • Laminate quality on a par with autoclave systems
  • High degree of reproducibility


The MTI® valve allows closed hydraulic systems – such as the membrane tube infusion process – to easily control the in-bag pressure from the resin inlet side. Using the MTI® process, the MTI® valve is simply plugged into the resin feed line. It is designed to reduce the pressure within the resin inlet tube which in turn keeps the net compaction pressure in a range which is decisive to achieving an optimal fiber volume fraction. Using the MTI® valve simplifies and increases the reliability of the infusion process while ensuring reproducible results with the highest possible part quality.

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