Digital Vacuum Pressure Gauge – Vac Checker®


Vac Checker® Digital Absolute Pressure Gauge for Vacuum Resin Infusion Processes

The heavy duty design qualifies this gauge particularly for the use in rough workshop environment. If the purpose of the vacuum infusion process is the production of high-quality parts, the use of a precise digital absolute pressure gauge is a must. The Vac Checker® measures the pressure difference relative to the absolute zero of pressure and is unaffected by changing environmental conditions such as weather or altitude. Unlike analog dial gauges, usually mounted on the vacuum pump or resin catch pot, you know exactly what is happening inside the vacuum bag.

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Digital Vacuum Gauge – Vac Checker®

Consistently producing high quality vacuum infusion parts is easy with the right equipment. The Vac Checker® is a  vacuum gauge used to measure absolute pressure (pressure difference relative to absolute zero). Unlike analog dial gauges – which are usually mounted on the vacuum pump or catch pot – the Vac Checker® allows to precisely gauge the process quality with digital precision and accuracy.

Benefits of the Vac Checker®

  • IP-certified – Robust case with protection class IP 42.
  • Drop-Proofed – Designed to support rugged lifestyles and survive tough, challenging environments.
  • Performance Indicator – the professional way to measure the low pressure value in which a high quality infusion process takes place
  • Displays the evaporation temperature of water with the respective pressure so that you get an indication if embedded moisture starts boiling and increases the air volume to be evacuated. That gives an answer on why a possible stopping point during system evacuation occurs
  • Immediate reading of pressure changes with digital accuracy and a resolution of 0.1 mbar (0.01 hPa/10 micron) Leaks get found quickly which saves time with the setup of a perfect vacuum infusion process
  • Works properly with digital precision regardless of the environmental condition

How it Works

The absolute pressure gauge Vac Checker® works the opposite to the conventional dial type vacuum gauge (the gauge usually mounted on the resin catch pot or vacuum pump). The latter measures the pressure relative to atmospheric pressure surrounding the gauge. But with high quality vacuum resin infusion processes it is much more important to know the pressure which is left in the evacuated system (the pressure relative to absolute zero is called absolute pressure) because it correlates with the amount of air left in the system. This in turn correlates with the porosity and amount of voids in the produced parts. E.g. pulling down vacuum from 1000mbar to 100mbar absolute pressure leaves 10% air in the bag but pulling down to 10mbar leaves only 1% air in the system. Using absolute zero pressure as a reference point provides a reliable and accurate measurement of vacuum levels, due to being a fixed point of reference which is not influenced by environmental factors.

To produce high quality vacuum resin infusion or prepreg parts a vacuum range of 2mbar – 20mbar is required within the bag. A traditional dial type gauge shows variations in a range between 1 and 3% of full scale due to inaccuracy of the mechanism within the gauge and environmental variables. It is apparent that a gauge with a total accuracy of ±55 mbar is not an appropriate instrument for measuring an in-bag vacuum of 2 to 20 mbar. In order to reliably confirm that the system has been evacuated to this degree of vacuum, the gauge used to measure this value needs to be accurate in this region.

German Advanced Composites mission is to provide only the best products for high quality composite applications to the market. The Vac Checker® has been put to the test for daily use in rough shop conditions and proven its quality to composite experts and Todays leading composites manufacturers. The ability to detect changes in pressure precisely and instantly does not only save time and money during process setup, but also works as an excellent performance indicator for the quality of the vacuum resin infusion process and the outcome.

Data specification:

– Operation temperature: -20 up to +50 °C
– Dimensions: 250 x 165 x 55 mm (9.84 x 6.5 x 2.16 inch)
– Weight: approx. 415 g
– Battery type: 2 mignon cells AA
– Protection class: IP 42
– Measurement transducer: Absolute pressure sensor, 6 bar / 87 psi
– Measuring range: 1.100 bis 0 mbar
– Resolution: 0,01 hPa / 10 micron
– Parameter: mmHg, Torr, mbar, hPa, micron, inH2O, inHg, Pa
– Overload (rel): 5 bar (rel) / 72 psi (rel)
– Attachments: Connection adapters for hoses with an internal diameter of:

o 6 mm
o 8 mm
o 10 mm

Vac Checker® Resources:   Vacuum Basic Knowledge |   Vac Checker® – Operating Manual


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