In March 2013, Juergen Schildgen (German Advanced Composites) and Dominik Dierkes (DD-Compound) visited the Miss Geico Racing Team in Palm Beach, Florida. The power boat is powered by twin 1650 horsepower engines that weigh 1500 pounds each, racing at 200 mph in flat sea conditions, but also frequently in 4-feet waves, seeing 4g to 12g impact loads continuously. This is probably one of the hardest working environments for a composite structure making safety demands extremely important. After demonstrating the advantages of the MTI® process in comparison to the standard Vacuum Infusion and Vacuum Bagging process we were able to win over the Crew Chief and his team with ease; revolutionizing their processes.

“The MTI® hose has revolutionized the way the Miss Geico Team produces parts for our extreme offshore powerboat. The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of Juergen and Dominik has been invaluable. Miss Geico has produced parts faster, more cost effective and on a par with an autoclaved system. This product is ground-breaking and I would recommend it to anyone manufacturing carbon fibre products”.

Gary J. Stray

Crew Chief – Miss Geico Race Team